Dojo History


Albrighton & Wolverhampton Aikido Club was established in September 1997 by Ian Grubb, the current chief instructor.

The club started with one night per week in a local school in Albrighton. Over time more classes have been added in other locations so that there are now four classes per week in three locations. The club was given the name Mei Jyu Kan by Chiba Sensei in August 2000. It means “house blessed with a clear light”.

We practice a traditional or Aikikai style of Aikido, including aiki-weapons.

Mei Jyu Kan is affiliated to the British Birankai. This is an organisation which follows the teachings of Chiba Sensei, one of Osensei’s full-time students for a number of years. The British Birankai is a member of the Joint Aikikai Council.A governing body for Aikido in the UK.